Table 1

Inclusion and exclusion criteria for selecting relevant papers.

Elements of organisation of integrated maternity careElements NOT related to the organisation of care, that is, content of care
Network(s) of multiple professionals and organisations across the maternity care and social care systems
Information on accessible, comprehensive and coordinated services in maternity care
Midwives, obstetricians, obstetric nurses/nurse midwives, maternity care assistants and their clients/patients (people who want to get pregnant, are pregnant and/or are up to 6 weeks after birth)Articles in which either midwives or obstetricians play no role at all
Maternal and neonatal health; pregnancy outcomes, morbidity, mortality and complications
Patient experiences, healthcare professional experiences, well-being, satisfaction
Healthcare spending; costs, expenditure -> money‚ÄČand assets -> that is, more or fewer healthcare professionals/hours, etc
Care processes; referral, intervention, transfer, medicalisation
Peer-reviewed papers, articles in professional journals, policy documents, RCTs, cohort and case-control studies, case studies, qualitative research, editorials, commentsAbstracts of congresses and congress presentations, research protocols
Papers published between 2012 and 2022Papers published before 2012
Maternity care in high-income countriesLow-income and middle-income countries
Healthcare is other than maternity care. Non-regular context -> refugees, war situation, pandemic
Language: English and DutchOther languages than English and Dutch