Table 2

Primary endpoint achievement

Beclomethasone arm* (N=193)Placebo arm† (N=192)P value
Primary endpoint achievement in the total population
Primary endpoint achieved (n=193*, 192†)24260.8
Primary endpoint achievement in subpopulations
Subpopulations on the severity of COVID-19 on admission
 Asymptomatic (n=13*, 12†)010.5‡
 Mild disease (n=122*, 123†)16180.7§
 Moderately disease (n=58*, 57†)870.8§
Subpopulations on age
 Less than 60 years (n=114*, 113†)780.8‡
 60 years or more (n=79*, 78†)17180.9‡
Subpopulations on the number of COVID-19 vaccines received before contracting COVID-19
 Zero doses (n=71*, 78†)11150.7‡
 One dose (n=48*, 44†)470.3‡
 Two doses (n=74*, 70†)940.3‡
  • *Beclomethasone arm.

  • †Placebo arm.

  • ‡Fisher’s exact test.

  • §Pearson’s χ2 test.

  • ICU, intensive care unit; n, sample size.