Table 2

Cost-effectiveness outcomes for a time horizon of 10 years

PPOITPlaceboDifference, P value or range
Cost, A$ ($A1= £0.5 approximately)935510318324, p<0.001
 Treatment497204972, p<0.001
 Adverse events438310313352, p<0.001
 Average SU rate per year54%6%48%, p<0.001
 Average QALYs per year0.9050.8630.042, p<0.001
 Incremental cost per year of SU achieved$A1694 (range $A1678, $A1709)
Or £847 (range £839, £855)
 Incremental cost per QALY gained$A19 386 (range $A19 024, $A19 774)
Or £9693 (range £9512, £9887)
  • *Cost-effectiveness ratios and ranges were produced using simulation.