Table 3

Summary of participant visits and procedures

AssessmentScreeningBaseline mechanisticIntervention3 months mechanistic follow-up6 months mechanistic follow-up12 months mechanistic follow-up
Week/day0–3 months1 week±7 days0 week±3 days3 months±7 days6 months±7 days12 months±7 days
Informed consent
Inclusion and exclusion criteria
Medical history/medication
Physical examination
Clinical assessment
Routine blood tests
Urine dips and pregnancy test
Helicobacter pylori breath test
Screening CT angiogram
LGAE or placebo procedure
Blinding index
Prton pump inhibitor (PPI) distribution
Changes in medical history/medication/ adverse events
Mixed meal tolerance test
Gut hormones
Appetite Visual Analogue Scales
Gastric emptying tests
Food intake tests
Eating and behaviour questionnaires
3 day food diary
  • LAGE, left gastric artery embolisation.