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PubMed((((rheumatic heart disease(Title/Abstract)) OR (rheumatic heart disease(MeSH Terms))) OR ((acute rheumatic fever(Title/Abstract)) OR (acute rheumatic fever(MeSH Terms)))) OR ((Strep sore throat(Title/Abstract)) OR (Strep infect*(Title/Abstract)) OR (streptococc*(Title/Abstract)))) AND ((South Afric*(Title/Abstract)) OR (Eastern Cape(Title/Abstract)OR Free State(Title/Abstract)OR Gauteng(Title/Abstract)OR KwaZulu-Natal(Title/Abstract)OR Limpopo(Title/Abstract)OR Mpumalanga(Title/Abstract)OR Northern Cape(Title/Abstract)OR North West(Title/Abstract)OR Western Cape(Title/Abstract)))Limited to English and humans.
Restricted to March 2014 to December 2022
ISI Web of Science((((TS=(rheumatic heart disease)) OR TS=(acute rheumatic fever)) OR TS=(streptococc*)) OR TS=(Strep sore throat OR Strep infect*)) AND (CU=(South Africa))
Scopus((TITLE-ABS-KEY(rheumatic heart disease) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY(acute rheumatic fever) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY((Streptococc*) OR (Strep sore throat) OR (Strep infect*)))) AND (TITLE-ABS-KEY(South Africa))
Current and Completed Research((rheumatic heart disease) OR (rheumatic fever) OR (streptococc*) OR (Strep sore throat) OR (Strep infect*)) AND (South Africa)
Sabinet African Journals((rheumatic heart disease) OR (rheumatic fever) OR (streptococc*) OR (Strep sore throat) OR (Strep infect*)) AND (South Africa)
SA HeartManual search of titles over March 2014 to December 2022
Statistics South AfricaManual search of all reports on causes of death in South Africa published 2014–2022