Table 1

Characteristics of high-quality practice-oriented studies defined by Castonguay et al2 present in this protocol

CriteriaCharacteristics present in this protocol
Clinical helpfulnessThe study derived from this protocol will provide evidence for improving: the impact of therapy (e.g., outcome, retention and reduction of deterioration); assessment and case formulation; implementation of interventions; as well as monitoring the therapeutic relationship. It will also provide evidence to better understand: the process of therapy, as well as client and therapist characteristics; finally, it will allow to make research serve therapists’ needs, considering their experiences with the ROM system.
FeasibilityThe study derived from this protocol does not impose drastic changes in everyday practice; the research tasks are easily integrated, and they will be preserved as part of routine clinical practice, from the implementation of the study onwards, even when this project is finished.
Methodological and statistical sophisticationThe study derived from this protocol involves repeated assessment of key variables; considers the nesting of the data at multiple levels (repeated measures, clients, therapists); uses within and between clients analyses; uses between therapists analyses; investigates predictor variables and assesses changes and their effect sizes.