Table 1

Demographic information, prescribed medications and co-occurring mental health diagnoses

Male (N)%Female (N)%
Age (years)
 Asian or Asian British471
 Black, black British, Caribbean or African831.7
 Mixed or multiple ethnic groups651.3
 White British or Irish399781
 White European or other1593.2
 Other ethnic group330.7
Medication (total)3116.3
Onwards referral
 Referral to community70414.2
 Referral declined1170.3
 No referral information411583.3
Co-occurring mental health diagnoses225045.6
 Depression/depressive disorders360.7
 Anxiety states/anxiety disorders148430.0
 Mixed depression and anxiety2725.5
 Obsessive compulsive disorders260.5
 Feeding and eating disorders or problems370.7
 Bipolar and related disorders621.3
 Schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorder or problems1583.2
 Personality disorders60.1
 Trauma and stressor related disorders and states1362.8
 Alcohol-related mental disorders200.4
Physical disability240.5