Table 2

Mapping conceptual framework constructs to data collection tools for each study

Meeting observationsInterviewsQuestionnaire
The Team
  • Attendees

Organisation and logistics
  • During the meeting

  • Technical issues

Interaction and decision-making processes
  • Adapted version of MDT-Mode29 tool to assess quality on a case-by-case basis of:

    • Information presented (history, radiological, histopathological, psychosocial, co-morbidities, patient views)

  • Atmosphere and dynamics

  • Case complexity

Change in processes over the course of meeting
Experiences of virtual MDT meetings
  • Learnings, issues and how they can be addressed

  • Hybrid meetings

Interaction processes
  • Team climate/atmosphere assessed in line with constructs of the Team Climate Inventory28 to assess:

    • Vision

    • Participatory safety

    • Task orientation

    • Support for innovation

  • Individual factors: concentration/distraction

  • Social factors: dynamics/disagreements/hierarchies

Decision-making processes:
  • Orientation

  • Discussion

  • Decision-making

  • Implementation

The Team
  • Attendance

  • Training/personal development

Organisation and logistics
  • Preparation:

    • Streamlining SOCs

  • During the meeting (including case complexity)

  • Post-meeting

  • Hybrid meetings

  • Availability of space

  • Technical issues

  • Chairing

  • Data collection during meetings

  • Audit

Decision-making process:
  • Interaction processes

  • Case complexity

  • Implementation

  • MDT, multidisciplinary team; SOC, Standards of care.