Table 5

Possible COVID-19 infections based on information from PCR tests performed and physician diagnoses of initial respondents in the survey period 20 January 2021 to 31 April 2021 (n=2138)

n (%)
PCR test procedures2138
 Once511 (23.9)
 Multiple times497 (23.2)
 Never1130 (52.9)
Results of the PCR test1008
 Positive PCR test93 (9.2)
 Negative PCR test913 (90.6)
 Unknown2 (0.2)
Physician based COVID-19 diagnosis2138
 Yes69 (3.2)
 No2069 (96.8)
Continuous symptoms until feeling healthy84
 Symptoms subsided with the end of the COVID-19 infection61 (72.6)
 Intermediately partial recovery free of symptoms and then symptoms recurred23 (27.4)