Table 7

Self-reported vaccination status and attitudes towards COVID-19 among baseline respondents from the survey period 20 January 2021 to 30 April 2021 (n=2082)

n (%)
Vaccination status (vaccination against COVID-19)2082
 Vaccinated192 (9.2)
 Unvaccinated1890 (90.8)
No of doses192
 One dose149 (77.6)
 Two doses43 (22.4)
Vaccination attitude2082
 Endorse vaccination against COVID-191599 (76.8)
 Do not endorse vaccination against COVID-1973 (3.6)
 Undecided408 (19.6)
Reasons for refusal to vaccinate (multiple answers)73
 Fear of side effects30 (41.1)
 Vaccine not adequately tested55 (75.3)
 Vaccine still too new (wait and see)31 (42.5)
 Insufficient information about vaccination15 (20.5)
 Heard too many bad things about vaccinations14 (17.8)
 Other9 (12.3)
General attitude towards mandatory vaccination1736
 Agree529 (30.5)
 Deny822 (47.4)
 Undecided385 (22.2)
Refused vaccination (for self or child) previously, because judged not useful or dangerous1736
 Yes162 (9.3)
 No1541 (88.8)
 Don’t know33 (1.9)
Postponed vaccination recommended by a physician for reasons other than health (eg, influenza-like infection)1736
 Yes197 (11.3)
 No1453 (83.7)
 Don’t know86 (5.0)