Table 1

Selected demographic and clinical characteristics for all Angiotensin-Receptor-Blockers displayed by country

CharacteristicsUSA (%)Canada (%)Denmark (%)UK (%)
Number of ARB users10 836 9911 775 0801 153 8413 270 823
Number of episodes*22 406 719798 231492 229578 652
Individual ARB episodes
 18–44 years5.
 45–64 years25.817.639.132.8
 ≥65 years68.778.955.363.7
 American Indian or Alaska Native0.3NRNRNR
 Black or African American10.0NRNRNR
 Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander0.2NRNRNR
 Hispanic origin2.3NRNRNR
Clinical history†
 Atrial fibrillation10.95.6NR2.4
 Heart failure12.34.1NR1.6
 Myocardial infarction2.21.1NR0.7
 Renal disorders20.75.4NR2.8
  • *An ARB episode occurs when ARB dispensings are bridged together ensuring continuous exposure to an ARB. The number of days of product supplied per dispensing or the number of days the product was prescribed by bridging together episodes less than 30 days apart and adding 30 days to the end of each episode.

  • †Clinical History collected 183 days before the index date.

  • NR, not reported.