Table 1

Demographic characteristics of participants (N=832)

Age (years)
(M=32.05, SD=6.03, min–max=20–58)
Work year
(M=9.28, SD=6.25, min–max=1–36)
 5–10 (not include 5)27733.3
Professional title
 Nurse or senior nurse57969.6
 Supervision nurse or co-chief nurse or chief nurse25330.4
Educational level
 Specialised secondary school or junior college18722.5
 Undergraduate or above64577.5
Hospital type
 Secondary hospital36944.4
 Tertiary hospital46355.6
The availability of PICC maintenance guideline in the workplace
Previous experience of training on PICC maintenance
  • %, percentage.; M, mean; max, maximum; min, minimum; n, frequency; PICC, peripherally inserted central catheter.