Table 2

Interviewee characteristics

CharacteristicPast trial participants (n=10)
(A) Past trial participants
 ≤65 years5
 >65 years5
Education, highest level completed
 Community college1
 British Columbia7
(B) Trial investigators
Characteristic*Trial investigators (n=17)
Primary appointment
 University or academic teaching hospital10
 Other (eg, private practice, cancer centre)7
Experience in role
 ≤5 years0
 >5 years17
 British Columbia9
Types of funding
 Non-industry only0
 Industry only0
 Both industry and non-industry17
Most senior role
 Principal investigator for site3
 Principal investigator for trial14
Trial type
 Single site only0
 Multiple site only1
 Both single and multiple site16
(C) Clinical research coordinators, research administrators and research ethics board (REB) members
CharacteristicResearch coordinator (n=1)Research administrators (n=3)REB members (n=3)
Primary appointment
 University or academic teaching hospital031
 Other (eg, private practice, cancer centre)102
Experience in role
 ≤5 years001
 >5 years132
 British Columbia102
  • Table 2 was created by the authors. A version of table 2 has previously been published, and it is reprinted in a modified form with permission.24

  • *Classifications were based on those used for an investigator survey by Rochon et al.39

  • REB, research ethics board.