Table 2

Views on the TestEd testing method

It’s non-invasive, simple, and involves no discomfort whatsoever. This is a huge benefit in making a testing regime attractive to its users.
A much less invasive form of testing compared to lateral flow tests! Given how invasive they are, I also doubt many are correctly using other lateral flow tests, rendering the results inaccurate.
Saliva samples are very easy to provide (and non-intrusive) and I was concerned that I may not have been doing the lateral flow nasal and throat swab correctly hence my preference for saliva sampling.
It is very convenient and much more accessible than doing a tonsil/nostril swab. Saliva spit tests increase my motivation to test.
If the spit sample is not of a high enough volume it will not work. So sometimes my results may have been invalid. I have to work up spit in my mouth for a couple of minutes prior.
Sample can be given easily on the way to school. The only inconvenience comes from the time taken to collect enough saliva for the sample and finding a time where I have not eaten or drank in the past 30 minutes.
I'd prefer a privacy curtain that I could pull behind me when I'm in the booth. I feel very exposed when spitting in the cup in the middle of the library, especially if things get messy!
I felt very much under pressure to do this spitting thing, and I couldn't perform basically, so I just took everything with me in the office and I was like, “I’m nice and safe here.” There was nobody around, but still it felt very weird to have to spit.