Table 3

Convenience of TestEd

‘There is a testing station at my university accommodation so it is very easy to get to and provide a sample.’
‘The booths are close to my work area. The process is quick, so you can easily fit in your schedule. Also it’s self-administered and open all the time, so you can test anytime.’
‘Station is set up throughout working hours, drop-in nature means can give a sample at a time that suits in my clinical day.’
‘I’m either out on site so I’m at(campus site 1), or I’m at(site 2)– it then becomes a question of, “Do I have the time to drive from those locations back to(site 3)for a ten-minute spit test?” So at times you just have to sacrifice the test and not go.’
‘It seems unnecessary to have to log in to get my results once notified. The NHS system doesn't require this: the text message and email both contain the test result.’
‘Sometimes the results take longer to come through than other times – it can be hard to know how long to expect to wait for results.’