Table 5


Because I trust the science behind it and I don’t believe that it would have been rolled out university-wide if the university and the people behind TestEd were not confident that it would work.
I understand TestEd used a PCR test which the NHS says is more accurate than a lateral flow test.’
‘The quality of the sample provided is independently verified by the TestEd research team. Providing a saliva sample is also more straightforward and likely more error-free.
I mean the PCR test from the NHS was positive as well so I’m pretty sure it [TestEd] was [accurate]. With not having any symptoms, and then I got a positive, I might have been, “Oh, I’m not 100% sure.” But having both tests positive, I’m pretty sure it has been accurate.
I am unsure about the effectiveness of the saliva as compared to the nasal swab, and have not seen data to show that. I also don't know if there are therefore not a lot of false negatives.
Haven't heard of a positive result yet, I haven't seen any information of a direct comparison of this test and the [nasal] swab test so I would trust a swab test more.
PCR tests are the most reliable – although the saliva samples are obviously part of a trial so a bit of an unknown, but still feel confident it will pick up most positives, and probably more accurately than a lateral flow.