Table 2

Stakeholders’ knowledge and perspectives on Nigeria’s disease, demographic and financing transitions (summary of participants’ quotes)

Double disease burden1. ‘It’s not a changing disease burden, instead of a single barrel, it’s more of a double-barrel disease burden…’ (Federal-level stakeholder)
2. ‘It’s apparent that there’s a shift in the disease, not a shift rather, it’s more of a doubling of the disease burden.’ (?)
Dwindling donor funds3. ‘…I mean the donors are, some of them are leaving, you know, the funding landscape is dwindling.’ (Academic stakeholder)
4. ‘…from time memorial, maybe let’s say a decade ago, the support from donor assistance has increased in the health sector so it’s not dwindling, it has been increasing…’ (Federal-level stakeholder)
Limited fiscal space for health5. ‘…well, so the challenge, to me, the number one challenge, I see here, is the fiscal space, I don’t know if you understand what I mean by fiscal space, the fiscal space for spending, on expanding on universal health coverage is a huge challenge…’ (Development partner)
6. ‘…we’re going to be stupid as the federal government to keep increasing health budget because I don’t think they [federal government] have the fiscal space to do that.’ (Federal-level stakeholder)