Table 1

Proportion of countries (%) with available basic NCD technologies and essential medicines in primary care facilities of the public health sector, Americas Region 2019–2021

Countries (%)
All basic NCD technologies*54
 Measuring weight10097
 Measuring height100100
 Blood glucose measurement9494
 Oral glucose tolerance test6369
 HbA1c test5154
 Dilated fundus examination3751
 Foot vibration perception by tuning fork4351
 Urine strips for glucose and ketone measurement6357
 Blood pressure measurement9794
 Total cholesterol measurement7771
 Urine strips for albumin assay6054
 Peak flow measurement spirometry3117
All essential NCD medicines†1720
 Aspirin (75/100 mg)9491
 Thiazide diuretics9189
 ACE inhibitors9189
 Angiotensin II receptor blockers7774
 Calcium channel blockers8989
 Beta blockers8691
 Oral morphine4951
 Steroid inhaler7777
 Benzathine penicillin injection8989
 Nicotin Replacement Therapy2323
  • Range distribution of countries (%). Embedded Image<25, Embedded Image25–49, Embedded Image50–74, Embedded Image75–99, Embedded Image100. WHO NCD Country Capacity Survey, 2019–2021.

  • *Available in 50 or more of the public healthcare facilities.

  • †Available in 50 or more pharmacies.

  • NCD, non-communicable disease.