Table 3

Number and response rate of participants who responded to each of the explicit and implicit anti-Indigenous bias questions, stratified by participant race and gender identity

(n, %)
White cisgender men
n (%)
White cisgender women
n (%)
BPOC cisgender men
n (%)
BPOC cisgender women
n (%)
Non-response assessment* (p value)
Began the full survey1087189303136151
‘How do you feel toward Indigenous people?’375 (34.5)86 (45.5)151 (49.8)58 (42.6)63 (41.7)0.32
‘Please indicate your preference’128 (11.8)23 (12.2)58 (19.1)17 (12.5)25 (16.6)0.13
Indigenous implicit association test234 (21.5)53 (28.0)101 (33.3)37 (27.2)37 (24.5)0.21
  • Indigenous participants did not receive explicit and implicit anti-Indigenous bias questions.

  • 2 test to compare respondents with non-respondents in each demographic identity. A p value of <0.05 suggests a difference in response rate between groups.

  • BPOC, black and people of colour.