Table 6

Candidate outcomes

Stage of work participation—interventions and study populations for which outcomes are relevant within the stagePotential (additional) future COS outcomes which did not meet the cut-point for COS for Work inclusion
Stage 1: Initiating employment
Interventions aiming to help unemployed people with distance to the job market due to a health problem get work
  1. Having any type of employment including self-employment

Stage 2: Having employment
Relevant for any intervention and any type of health problem. Any type of health condition may impair work participation at the most elemental level, having work
  1. Sustainable employment

  2. Work disability—self reported inability to engage in any work participation

  3. Employment—having lost employment

Stage 3: Increasing or maintaining productivity at work
Interventions expected to help workers who are not on sick leave to maintain or increase productivity at work despite a health problem
  1. Work productivity loss (economic)

  2. Work ability

  3. Work activity impairment

Stage 4: Return to work
Interventions expected to help people who are on sick leave return to work
  1. Sustainable return to work—proportion of workers

  2. Workers’ perceptions on return to work

  3. Having lost employment

  • These outcomes were also high ranking (by at least one group) and need further investigation in which context they could be (additional) COS for work outcomes.

  • COS, core outcome set.