Table 3

Examples of work being carried out at place scale

Case studyExamples of partnership working in ‘places’
CS1Development of data-driven approach to care
  • Establishment of population health unit across local authority and acute trust

  • Data sharing across primary and secondary care

Appointment of health ageing coordinators across social, primary and secondary care
Development of system-wide pathways, such as end-of-life care strategy
CS2Resolution of operational performance issues, including day-to-day capacity management
Work with wider partners to situate services outside hospital, including development of new premises
Development of key worker affordable housing on hospital site
Development of opportunities for shared service delivery, such as urgent treatment centre
Decisions regarding the distribution of non-recurrent funding
Development of ‘integrated delivery units’ such as discharge team with jointly funded lead
Pilot for ‘step-down’ nursing provision to aid hospital discharge
CS3At intermediate subsystem tier:
  • Sharing best practice across boroughs

  • Performance management and assurance

  • Resource allocation

  • Operational command for COVID-19

In borough-based partnerships:
  • Development of ‘multidisciplinary discharge hubs’

  • Pathway development for interface between hospital and wider system

  • Operational collaboration during COVID-19 response

  • Development of shared workforce strategy

  • Decisions regarding the distribution of COVID-19 contingency funding

  • CS1, case study 1; CS2, case study 2; CS3, case study 3.