Table 1

Food category

1.Dry, powdered and instant cereal/starchy food1.1 Dry or instant cereals/starch
2.Soft-wet spoonable, ready-to-eat foods, typically smooth or semipureed packaged in jars or pouches and can be spoon-fed2.1 Dairy-based desserts and cereal products
2.2 Fruit purée with or without addition of vegetable, cereals or milk
2.3 Vegetable only purée
2.4 Puréed vegetables and cereals
2.5 Puréed meal with cheese (but not meat or fish) mentioned in the name
2.6 Puréed meal with meat or fish mentioned as first food in product name
2.7 Puréed meals with meat or fish (but not named as the first food in product name)
2.8 Purées with only meat, fish or cheese in name of product
3.Meals with chunky pieces, often sold in trays or pots for older infants and young children3.1 Meat, fish or cheese-based meal with chunky pieces
3.2 Vegetable-based meal with chunky pieces
4.Dry finger foods and snacks4.1 Confectionery, sweet spreads and fruit chews
4.2 Fruit (fresh or dry whole fruit or pieces)
4.3 Other snacks and finger foods
5.Juices and other drinks, products are typically packaged in bottles, cans or tetrapaks and can be poured or served to infants as a drink in cups with/without spouts.5.1 Single or mixed fruit juices, vegetable juices or other non-formula drinks
5.2 Cow’s milk and milk alternatives with added sugar or sweetening agent