Table 4

Associations between the sensitivity of the rapid antigen test compared with the PCR test and the duration from the onset of symptoms to testing during the Omicron variant outbreak among players and staff members of the Japan Professional Football League and clubs: a stratified analysis

ParticipantsDuration from the onset of symptoms to testingRapid antigen: +
PCR: +
Rapid antigen: −
PCR: +
SensitivityCramer’s VP value
Vaccine: yes (n=70)−2 days or −1 day*730.700.0840.955†
0 day15110.58
1 day or 2 days740.64
Kit manufacturer: Abbott (n=45)−2 days or −1 day*430.570.1810.688†
0 day1330.81
1 day or 2 days310.75
Sample type of PCR: saliva (n=80)−2 days or −1 day*640.600.0870.895‡
0 day16140.53
1 day or 2 days1080.56
  • *‘−2 days or −1 day’ represents cases that were asymptomatic at the time of the tests but subsequently developed symptoms.

  • †Fisher’s exact test.

  • ‡χ2 test.