Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics of early postnatal care services usage among postnatal women in Wolkite town, southeast Ethiopia, 2021 (n=301)

CategoryFrequency (n)Percentage (%)
Age of the mother
 Less than 20227.3
Marital status
Educational status
 No formal education14247.2
 Grade 1–87023.3
 Secondary 9–127725.6
 College and above124.0
Occupational status
 Civil servant113.7
 Daily labourer186.0
Husband’s educational status
 No formal education12942.9
 Grade 1–810835.9
 Secondary 9–125317.6
 College and above113.7
Husband’s occupation
 Civil servant134.3
 Daily labourer82.7
Monthly income
 Below average (597.4 ETB)14949.5
 More than average (597.4 ETB)15250.5
Family size
 Less than average (4)15451.2
 More than average (4)14748.8
  • ETB, Ethiopian birr.