Table 5

Women’s level of anxiousness according to different COVID-19-related measures

Pregnant (%)Postpartum (%)
Very anxiousAnxiousNot anxiousN/AVery anxiousAnxiousNot anxiousN/A
Thought of not having my partner with me during birth61.722.73.811.869.517.72.210.6
Thought of my partner having to leave the hospital soon after birth61.523.54.410.564.118.64.512.8
Thought of being separated from my baby after delivery59.320.06.414.360.313.95.820.1
Not having support from family and friends33.837.614.414.439.036.711.113.2
Lack of information /inconsistent information from HCPs13.146.314.825.817.746.814.221.3
Lack of antenatal classes10.335.026.228.413.337.827.221.6
Disrupted antenatal appointments6.230.120.443.
  • HCPs, healthcare professionals; N/A, not applicable.