Table 3

Intentions to implement recommended helping actions

ActionPrecourse (n=49)‡Postcourse (n=49)‡Follow-up (n=17)‡
Tell Tidda that you are available to provide support.4.590.644.690.770.164.710.470.18
Tell Tidda that you are concerned about her need to self-injure.4.290.714.61**0.570.464.410.620.18
Spend time listening to Tidda discuss her feelings.4.710.464.730.760.034.820.390.24
Ask Tidda directly if she is thinking about suicide.3.731.184.61***0.810.754.24*0.660.43
Ask Tidda how she would like to be supported.4.530.584.730.680.344.760.440.40
Encourage Tidda to use coping strategies that do not involve self-injuring.4.310.804.58*0.540.354.65*0.490.43
Help Tidda to make a plan about what to do when she feels like self-injuring.4.350.694.60*0.570.374.71*0.470.52
Encourage Tidda to get professional help.4.480.624.82***0.390.554.71*0.470.37
Allow Tidda to remain in control over seeking help as much as possible.4.290.824.67***0.660.464.530.620.29
Scale (average)39.314.1342.08***3.420.6741.53*3.360.54
  • *P<0.05, **P<0.01, ***P<0.001.

  • †Glass’s delta compared with precourse mean using precourse SD.

  • ‡Numbers vary slightly between actions due to missing responses.