Table 1

Assessment tools

LARS scoreInternationally validated five-question assessment exploring different bowel dysfunction symptoms and their frequency. The overall score (maximum 42) corresponds to either no LARS (0–20), minor LARS (21–29) or major LARS (over 30).18
EQ-5D-3LDesigned and validated by EuroQol as a health-related quality of life tool that generates a single index value for health status. This score is also valuable in the assessment of healthcare evaluation and economic analysis.19
European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC)
Internationally validated cancer specific questionnaires. The EORTC produces cancer specific quality of life questionnaires (QLQ) which focus on the effects of diagnosis and treatments. The QLQ-C3020 focuses on cancer while the CR2921 is specific to colorectal cancer.
Measure Yourself Medical Outcomes ProfilePatient specific outcome tool in which the patient identifies two symptoms with the most significant impact on their quality of life. This tool allows for an individualised approach and measure regarding the identified symptoms to assess morbidity/adverse events related to treatment and occupational outcomes.22
  • LARS, low anterior resection syndrome.