Table 1

Mesh terms, key words and free words, and one representative search strategy

Domain/itemMesh termsKeywords and free words
Clinical practice guidelines“Implementation Science” or “Practice Guidelines” or “Guidelines” or “Health Planning Guidelines” or “Consensus” or “Guideline Adherence”“Guidelin*” or “Pathway*” or “recommendation*” or “expert opinion*”
Primary care“Primary Health Care” or “Physicians, Primary Care” or “Primary Care Nursing” or “Community Health Services”“Primary Care” or “Primary Healthcare” or “General Pract*” or “Practice Nurs*” or “Community Healthcare”
Barriers and Enablers“Guideline Adherence”“complian*” or “adherence” or “barrier*” or “hinder*” or “obstacl*” or “challeng*” or “difficult*” or “enabl*” or “empower” or “facilitat*”
Review [Publication type]“Systematic Review [Publication Type]” or “Systematic Reviews as Topic” or “Meta-Analysis [Publication Type]” or “Meta-Analysis as Topic”“Review, Systematic” or “Systematic*” or “Meta-analy*”
One representative search strategy (PubMed) using the above terms and words
#1((((("implementation science"[MeSH Terms]) OR ("practice guidelines as topic"[MeSH Terms])) OR ("guidelines as topic"[MeSH Terms])) OR ("health planning guidelines"[MeSH Terms])) OR (consensus[MeSH Terms])) OR ("guideline adherence"[MeSH Terms])
#2((((Guidelin*[Title/Abstract]) OR (Pathway*[Title/Abstract])) OR (recommendation*[Title/Abstract])) OR (expert opinion[Title/Abstract])) OR (Implementation Science[Title/Abstract])
#3#1 OR #2
#4((("primary health care"[MeSH Terms]) OR ("physicians, primary care"[MeSH Terms])) OR ("primary care nursing"[MeSH Terms])) OR ("community health services"[MeSH Terms])
#5(((((Primary Health Care[Title/Abstract]) OR (Primary Care[Title/Abstract])) OR (Primary Healthcare[Title/Abstract])) OR (General Pract*[Title/Abstract])) OR (Practice Nurs*[Title/Abstract])) OR (Community Healthcare[Title/Abstract])
#6#4 OR #5
#7(((((((((complian*[Title/Abstract]) OR (adherence[Title/Abstract])) OR (barrier*[Title/Abstract])) OR (hinder*[Title/Abstract])) OR (obstacl*[Title/Abstract])) OR (challeng*[Title/Abstract])) OR (difficult*[Title/Abstract])) OR (enabl*[Title/Abstract])) OR (empower[Title/Abstract])) OR (facilitat*[Title/Abstract])
#8((“systematic review”[Publication Type]) OR (“systematic reviews as topic/methods”[MeSH Terms])) OR (Meta-Analysis[Publication Type])
#9((Review, Systematic[Title/Abstract]) OR (Systematic*[Title/Abstract])) OR (Meta-analy*[Title/Abstract])
#10#8 OR #9
#11#3 AND #6 AND #7 AND #10 Filters: in the last 10 years