Table 1

Changes in oxygen saturations (SaO2) comparing different types of face mask worn during exercise

ComparisonAverage oxygen saturation (%), with maskAverage oxygen saturation (%), no maskEstimated average difference (%, 95% CI)Non-inferior at 2% difference in SaO2
During exercise (N=69)
Cloth—none96.997.7−0.78 (−1.12 to −0.44)True
Surgical— none97.497.7−0.28 (−0.63 to 0.07)True
FFP3—none96.997.7−0.82 (−1.16 to -0.47)True
End of exercise (N=68)
Cloth—none97.097.1−0.07 (−0.39 to 0.25)True
Surgical—none97.497.10.28 (−0.04 to 0.60)True
FFP3—none96.997.1−0.21 (−0.53 to 0.11)True
1 min after the end of exercise (N=67)
Cloth—none97.797.70.04 (−0.25 to 0.32)True
Surgical—none98.197.70.33 (0.05 to 0.61)True
FFP3—none97.997.70.15 (−0.13 to 0.43)True
  • FFP, filtering face piece.