Table 3

Comparison of average distance travelled and speed while wearing different types of face mask compared with no mask

ComparisonAverage distance travelled (kilometres) with maskAverage distance travelled (kilometres), no maskEstimated average difference in distance (km, 95% CI)Average speed (km/hour) with maskAverage speed (km/hour), no maskEstimated average difference in speed (km/hour, 95% CI)
Distance travelled (km) during exercise (N=71)
Cloth mask—no face mask2.752.82−0.07 (−0.15 to 0.01)11.0611.37−0.31 (−0.64 to 0.02)
Surgical mask—no face mask2.782.82−0.04 (−0.12 to 0.04)11.2711.37−0.10 (−0.43 to 0.22)
FFP3—no face mask2.762.82−0.06 (−0.14 to 0.02).11.1211.37−0.24 (−0.57 to 0.08)
  • FFP, filtering face piece.