Table 2

Changes in heart rate comparing different types of face mask worn during exercise

ComparisonAverage heart rate (bpm), with maskAverage heart rate (bpm), no maskEstimated average difference (bpm, 95% CI)Non-inferior @ +7 bpm
During exercise (N=69)
Cloth—none157.5157.30.10 (−2.90 to 3.10)True
Surgical—none157.8157.30.78 (−2.33 to 3.89)True
FFP3—none159.9157.32.84 (−0.24 to 5.91)True
End of exercise (N=69)
Cloth—none156.9158.2−1.20 (−4.56 to 2.15)True
Surgical—none158.7158.20.36 (−3.01 to 3.73)True
FFP3—none158.9158.20.52 (−2.85 to 3.89)True
1 min after the end of exercise (N=67)
Cloth—none124.8124.20.40 (−2.15 to 2.95)True
Surgical—none124.6124.20.49 (−2.03 to 3.02)True
FFP3—none125.3124.21.45 (−1.11 to 4.01)True
  • FFP, filtering face piece.