Table 2

Relative mean costs per patient subgroup

SubgroupMean total costsMean total costs during admissionMean total costs after discharge
<55 years, n=137100€8433.57†100€7920.61‡100€512.95†
55–75 years, n=27280€6728.63§80€6315.26§81€413.91†
>75 years, n=14680€6768.4282€6515.9049€252.51§
TOAST classification
LVD, n=14897€7679.61†98€7336.06†74€343.55§
CE, n=10199€7849.23†100€7503.98†74€345.25
SVD, n=9262€4893.69§60€4519,76§80€373.93
OD, n=56100€7892.79†99€7437.07 †98€455.73
UD, n=14196€7566.74†95€7101.87†100€464.86†
NIHSS at admission
NIHSS <3, n=19352€4975.18§48€4478.84§100€496.34†
NIHSS 3–7, n=16975€7104.44†72€6647.12 †92€457.33a
NIHSS >7, n=188100€9501.28†100€9269.43†47€231.84§
Discharge destination
Home, n=28431€4865.27§28€4270.55§100€594.72†
High intensity rehabilitation, n=9359€9322.91†59€9087.25†40€235.65
Low intensity rehabilitation, n=7358€9153.53†58€9002.62†25€150.91§
Nursing home, n=15100€15 742.59†100€15 512.80†39€229.78
mRS at discharge
0–2, n=26545€4361.25§40€3809.25§100€552.00 †
>2, n=288100€9742.24 †100€9489.96 †46€252.29§
  • *% of subgroup with highest total costs, with highest set at 100 and marked in bold.

  • †P<0.01.

  • ‡P<0.05.

  • §Reference group for statistical test, which is the subgroup with lowest costs per column.

  • CE, cardiac embolism; LVD, large vessel disease; mRS, modified Rankin Scale; n, number; NIHSS, National Institute of Health Stroke Scale; OD, other determined; SVD, small vessel disease; TOAST, Trial of Org 10172 in Acute Stroke Treatment; UD, undetermined.