Table 4

Final ranking of key WPSF clusters for mental health at work based on the GHQ-28 score

Cluster name and rankingWPSFs in the clusterDescription
1—Managerial communication at work5Inverse of: The communication and information exchange process within my company is satisfactory.
3Inverse of: Company performance appraisals and promotions are fairly done.
22Inverse of: I have a good idea of my career prospects within the company.
2—Support from colleagues18Inverse of: I know that I can depend on the people I work with.
6Inverse of: My work environment is pleasant.
26Inverse of: My work relationships are a source of satisfaction.
3—Personal/professional balance9Inverse of: I have no problem handling my professional and private responsibilities.
4—Emotional strain at work36My job puts me into trying emotional situations.
38Sometimes I feel afraid when I do my job.
5—Rewards from work44Inverse of: I am satisfied with the compensation I receive for my job.
5—Professional evolution perspectives43I am fearful for my professional future.
10I am unable to plan what my job will be in 2 years.
7—Means provided21Inverse of: I have the necessary resources and technical means to correctly do my job.
8—Support from the hierarchy16Inverse of: My hierarchy supports and helps me when needed.
32Inverse of: I get along well with my hierarchy.
13Inverse of: In my job, I feel valued and recognised.
33Inverse of: I feel morally supported in my job.
8—Pride in work accomplished37Inverse of: I’m proud of what I do in my job.
39Inverse of: I am proud of my company.
20Inverse of: My job makes me feel useful and gives me self-esteem.
  • GHQ-28, General Health Questionnaire; WPSF, work-related psychosocial factor.