Table 3

International Classification of Diseases-PM tabulation of cause of death and maternal condition separated by timing of death at the National Referral Hospital over a 2-year period of 2017–2018 for all cases of stillbirth where cause was documented (n=198)

Maternal conditionM1: Complications of placenta, cord and membranesM2: Maternal complications of pregnancyM3: Other complications of labour and deliveryM4: Maternal medical and surgical conditionsM5: No maternal conditionOtherTotal (%)
Antepartum death
A1: Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities0002608 (4.7)
A2: Infection040132019 (11.2)
A3: Antepartum hypoxia120052019 (11.2)
A4: Other specified antepartum disorder51052013 (7.6)
A5: Disorders related to fetal growth0101230043 (25.3)
A6: Fetal death of unspecified cause2101348468 (40)
Total (%)19 (11.2)7 (4.1)050 (29.4)90 (52.9)4 (2.4)170 (85.9)
Intrapartum death
I1: Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities0000404 (14.3)
I2: Birth trauma0000101 (3.6)
I3: Acute intrapartum event30316013 (46.4)
I4: Infection0001001 (3.6)
I5: Other specified intrapartum disorder0000000
I6: Disorders related to fetal growth0001405 (17.9)
I7: Intrapartum death of unspecified cause0000404 (14.3)
Total (%)3 (10.7)03 (10.7)3 (10.7)19 (67.9)028 (14.1)