Table 2

The relative influence of sociodemographic and socioeconomic indicators on childhood obesity

Relative influenceDirection
Child’s age39.22–11: +,
12–15: −,
16–17: +
Mother: degree of highest education12.6−*
Annual household disposable money income12.6
Father: degree of highest education8.1
Child’s sex7.7Girls: −
Father’s age5.3+
Any children <14 years of age5.2If yes: −
Mother’s age4.6+
Municipality class3.4+ (for a more rural municipality)
Adolescent (aged ≥16 years) in high school0.9If yes: −
Mother lives in the same household0.2If yes: −
Father lives in the same household0.1If yes: −
  • *Special vocational education is almost equal to vocational education.