Table 2

Search strategy structure (for PubMed database)

Component 1 Gender DiscriminationANDComponent 2 HealthANDComponent 3 LMICs
Sexism (MeSH) OR“Health” (MeSH) ORDeveloping countries (MeSH) OR
Gender* (tiab) ORAND“Women's Health” (MeSH) ORSynonyms of developing countries (tiab) introduced with "OR"
Genital (tiab) ORDiscrimination* (tiab) OR“Disease”(MeSH) ORSingle LMICs name introduced with "OR"

Sex (tiab) ORBias* (tiab) ORhealth* (tiab) OR
Sexism* (tiab) ORStigma* (tiab)medical* (tiab) OR
Woman* (tiab) ORdiseases (tiab) OR
Women* (tiab) OR Woman* ORdisorder* (tiab) OR
Female* (tiab) OR Women* ORillness* (tiab) OR
Girl* (tiab) Female* OR“Mortality”(MeSH) OR
Girl* (tiab)“Morbidity”(MeSH) OR
Girl* (tiab)mortalit* (tiab) OR
death* (tiab) OR
fatalit* (tiab) OR
morbidit* (tiab)