Table 1

The list of main and probing questions

No.Main questionsProbing questions
1When and how did you recognise your high BP?
2What was your response to recognising your high BP?What was the recommendation or measure taken by doctor(s)?
3What do you think is the reason for your high BP?
4How serious is your hypertension?Why do you think that?
5Do you have any symptom of hypertension?
6What changes have occurred in your life because of hypertension?Have you experienced any changes in your work, job performance or relationships with your colleagues?
Have you changed your life plan?
Did you give up any of your wish-list items or hobbies?
Did you experience discrimination; eg, enrolling in insurance policies?
Any change in family relationships?
Any change in sexual activity?
7Did you receive any advice or education about hypertension?What were the contents?
8Are you aware of the complications associated with hypertension?Are you anxious about this?
9Have you done any self-monitoring of your BP?What do you think about it?
10How do you feel about BP-lowering medications?If you have reluctance or repulsion for them, why?
11How was your personal experience with BP-lowering medication(s)?Did you have any side effects?
What measures were taken to reduce the side effect(s) by you and/or doctor(s)?
What were the positive aspects of taking BP-lowering medication(s)?
12Do you have any discontent for the doctor(s) you saw for your hypertension?
  • BP, blood pressure.