Table 6

Retrieved register information linked to both cases and reference populations from nation-wide healthcare and demographic registries included in the BladderBaSe 2

National registriesRetrieved data
The Cancer RegisterData on all cancer diagnoses including site and date.
The Patient RegisterInpatient and outpatient data on diagnoses, medical procedures and surgeries that may be related to risk, treatment effects and survival of cancer in the urinary areas, including diagnoses to calculate Charlson Comorbidity Index.
The Prescribed Drug RegisterData of drugs for hormonal treatment, antibiotics, osteoporosis treatment, psychiatric drugs, tuberculosis and cancer treatment, and data of all medications to calculate the Drug Comorbidity Index1.
The Cause of Death RegisterDate of death, and underlying and contributing causes of death
Swedish Household CensusData from 1990 of socioeconomic status and profession
Longitudinal Integration Database for Health Insurance and Labour Market StudiesAnnual data with socioeconomic factors such as marital status, education level and annual income
Register of Total Population and Population ChangesRandomly selection of reference group matched on sex, birth year, and region. Data on immigration and emigration.
  • BladderBaSe, Bladder Cancer Data Base Sweden.