Table 5

Variables, their options and proportions, and variable capture ratios in the standardised form for 5 years follow-up for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) of the SNRUBC in the BladderBaSe 2.0

VariableOptions (proportions)Recorded years*: capture ratio
Code for reporting hospitalHospital codes2004–2014: 70–89%
Reporting dateDate2004–2014: 90–99%
RecurrenceNo: 53.7%2004–2014: 81–92%
Yes: 46.3%
Date of recurrence*Date2004–2014: 100%
ProgressionNo: 91.7%2004–2014: 57–84%
Yes: 8.3%
Date of progression*Date2004–2014: 94–100%
  • *Year of diagnosis of the bladder cancer cases.

  • BladderBaSe, Bladder Cancer Data Base Sweden; SNRUBC, Swedish National Register for Urinary Bladder Cancer.