Table 1

Description of the MoCCA interventions by aspect of chlamydia management

InterventionIntervention description
Partner notificationWebsite
  • MoCCA website (or other linked resources) provides information that can support partner notification discussions.

  • MoCCA website links to online partner notification tools.

  • Chlamydia autofill or shortcut inserted in the EMR that supports documentation of chlamydia management in the patient notes and prompts clinicians to record:

    • Treatment provided.

    • If partners were notified.

    • If PDPT was provided.

Patient fact sheets
  • Information about notifying partners is provided to patients positive for chlamydia.

PDPT flow chart
  • PDPT flow chart provides an overview of patient eligibility for PDPT, and the process of offering PDPT to eligible and willing patients.

PDPT prescription template
  • A template that can be imported into the EMR and used to generate a PDPT prescription.

Published article
  • PDPT article39 that provides an overview of the process of offering PDPT and addresses the challenges GPs may face in its provision.

  • Chlamydia management article38 outlines best practice to reduce chlamydia-associated reproductive complications in women, including partner management.

  • MoCCA website (or other linked resources) used to support retesting discussion.

Patient fact sheets
  • Information about why retesting for reinfection is important and provided to patients positive for chlamydia.

Retesting flow chart
  • Provides the rationale for retesting and some options for organising retesting.

Postal retest
  • Patient was sent a postal kit by the laboratory for retesting at 3 months.

Pathology form
  • Patient provided a pathology form for retesting in 3 months time.

Patient recalls and reminders
  • Patient placed on recall system and recalled at 3 months to return for a retest appointment.

  • Patient placed on reminder system and sent an SMS reminder to visit a pathology collection centre for a chlamydia test.

Published article
  • Chlamydia management article38 provides information about the importance of and options for organising retesting for reinfection.

PID diagnosisWebsite
  • MoCCA website (and linked resources) provides key PID diagnostic considerations.

Patient fact sheets
  • PID fact sheet provides a definition of PID, its diagnosis and treatment.

  • Chlamydia fact sheet provides information about symptoms that may indicate complications.

Published article
  • How to treat PID article37 that focuses on the diagnosis and management of acute PID in primary care. Taking the associated quiz allows clinicians to earn continuing professional development points.

  • *Autofill, a shortcut for clinical notes for a specific condition that has been prepopulated in the EMR.

  • EMR, electronic medical record; GP, general practitioner; MoCCA, Management of Chlamydia Cases in Australia; PDPT, patient-delivered partner therapy; PID, pelvic inflammatory disease; SMS, short message service.