Table 1

Search strategy for MEDLINE via PubMed

Search numberSearch terms
#1“Oxygen Inhalation Therapy”(Mesh) OR “Oxygen”(Mesh) OR oxygen*(tiab) OR Dioxygen(tiab) OR O2(tiab) OR FiO2(tiab)
#2concentrat*(tiab) OR inspir*(tiab) OR inhal*(tiab) OR level*(tiab) OR tension*(tiab) OR fraction*(tiab) OR arterial*(tiab) OR saturation supply*(tiab) OR supplement*(tiab) OR supplie*(tiab) OR therap*(tiab) OR administr*(tiab) OR dosag*(tiab) OR dose*(tiab) OR dosing*(tiab) OR titrat*(tiab) OR deliver*(tiab)
#3automat*(tiab) OR algorithms(tiab) OR system*(tiab) OR closed-loop(tiab) OR closed loop(tiab) OR intelligen*(tiab) OR targeted(tiab) OR machine learning(tiab)
#4adult(All Fields) OR middle aged(sb) OR age(tw) OR (aged(tiab) OR aged(MESH) OR geriatric*(tiab) geriatrics(MESH) OR elder*(tiab) OR olding(tiab) OR ageing(tiab) OR aging(tiab) OR aging(MESH) OR “frail elderly”(MESH))
#5SpO2(tw) OR oxygen saturation(tw) OR Blood Oxygen Level*(tw) OR Saturation of Peripheral Oxygen(tw) OR oxygen weaning(tw) OR FiO2 weaning(tw) OR Length of stay*(tw) OR Cost*(tw) OR Adverse event*(tw) OR adverse effect*(tw) OR Near Misse*(tw) OR Side Effect*(tw) OR Adverse Reaction*(tw) OR Toxicity(tw) OR Mortalit*(tw) OR Fatality Rate*(tw) OR Death(tw) OR Workload*(tw) OR Work Load*(tw) OR process optimization(tw) OR Quality Improvement*(tw)
#6((clinical(Title/Abstract)AND trial(Title/Abstract)) OR clinical trials as topic(MeSH Terms) OR clinical trial(Publication Type) OR random*(Title/Abstract)OR random allocation(MeSH Terms) OR therapeutic use(MeSH Subheading))
#7#1 AND #2 AND #3 AND #4 AND #5 AND #6
#8(animals (mh) NOT humans (mh))
#9#7 NOT #8
  • This search strategy will be modified as required for other electronic databases.