Table 1

Summary of the procedures for each participant

ProcedureLocationDurationNo of examinations
1. MRILiMRIC, UoL or WCFT*1 hour, including safety examination and setup1
2. Blood extraction and saliva collectionLiMRIC, UoL or WCFT*5 min1
3. EEGNeurophysiology, WCFT1 hour, including set up1
4.Telephone questionnaireHome5 min4 (6, 12, 18 and 24 months after index event)
  • *Patients in the exploratory study within the prospective cohort will have their imaging, saliva and blood sampling performed at the LiMRIC, UoL only instead of the WCFT.

  • EEG, electroencephalogram; LiMRIC, Liverpool Magnetic Resonance Imaging Centre ; UoL, University of Liverpool; WCFT, Walton Centre Foundation Trust.