Table 4

Multivariable Cox-regression analysis of imputed variables: risk factors associated with in-hospital mortality

Multivariable analysis
HR95% CIP value
Age1.0321.013 to 1.0520.001
BMI0.9780.942 to 1.0170.264
Hypertension0.9170.567 to 1.4840.725
LVEF1.9721.309 to 2.9710.001
RV dysfunction1.5320.914 to 2.5670.105
RVSP0.9930.970 to 1.0160.534
RVD11.0060.961 to 1.0540.795
CRP peak1.0021.001 to 1.0030.004
Creatinine on ICU admission1.0010.999 to 1.0020.172
Troponin on ICU admission1.0000.998 to 1.0010.643
  • Abbreviations as in table 1.

  • Bold values signify p values with statistical significance (p<0.05).