Table 2

Text message template for recruitment of study participants

Text message typeText content
First (invitation)[MOH] IC:01234567. You are invited to the next phase of the vaccine research study on dd/mm/yy at hh:mm - hh:mm. This will measure the status of your antibody level after vaccination. Please respond at by Wednesday, 5:00 PM. Thank you.
Second (invitation reminder)[MOH] IC:01234567. dd/mm/yy hh:mm - hh:mm. An antibody test is reserved for you next week. Please confirm your attendance at by Wednesday, 05:00 PM. Thank you for your support. Please disregard this message if you have already responded.
Third (appointment reminder)[MOH] IC:01234567. Reminder for your appointment tomorrow at Central Receiving Area (CSRA), RIPAS Hospital on dd/mm/yy at hh:mm - hh:mm. Location:
  •, custom link to online form;, custom link for directions to blood sampling centre; dd/mm/yy, allocated date; hh:mm, allocated time; IC, Identity Card number; MOH, Ministry of Health.