Table 1

IC3 clients, July 2016 through June 2017

Disease categoryTotal active clients*Newly enrolled clients†
Non-communicable disease2439867
 Hypertension1361 (55.8%)515 (59.4%)
 Diabetes131 (5.4%)55 (6.3%)
 Asthma455 (18.7%)229 (26.4%)
 Epilepsy557 (22.8%)101 (11.6%)
 Serious mental illness94 (3.9%)30 (3.5%)
  • *‘Total active clients’ represents the total number of clients who were receiving routine clinical care within IC3 and did not default.

  • †‘Newly enrolled clients’ represents clients enrolled in IC3 between July 2016 and June 2017. Numbers and percentages may not summate to 100%, as some clients were enrolled both for HIV and NCDs.

  • IC3, Integrated Chronic Care Clinics; NCDs, non-communicable diseases.