Table 3

Practice of patient’s rights among health professionals from patients’ perspective Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2021

Patients’ perceived practice of patient rightsFrequency%
Were you given a summary of the patient, right?41
Did the healthcare providers introduce themselves?8120.7
Was the medical team dealing with you respectfully?23860.7
Was the medical team maintaining privacy during procedures?21755.4
Were you asked to sign a form for participation in any research?143.6
Was the information given by health professionals clear& understandable?25765.6
Informed about the available choices before completing the treatment plan?7719.6
Did you sign an informed consent form before any medical procedure?27870.9
Did you receive the necessary information before you signed the consent form?18948.2
Were your things kept in a safe place?19850.5
Were appropriate clothing and any necessary personal items available?266.6
Have you informed the financial costs of the health service?34287.2
Did you receive a copy of the medical reports?00
Did anyone tell you about how to submit a complaint?71.8
  • N=392.