Table 4

Providers’ perceptions of e-cigarette safety and self-efficacy with substance use

E-cigarettes help addicted adult smokers quit using cigarettes.*2
Adolescents/young adults who use e-cigarettes are more likely to later go on and use cigarettes.*3
Providers’ likelihood of recommending an adolescent/young adult patient who is smoking 2–3 cigarettes a day to switch to e-cigs?†1
Providers’ likelihood of recommending that patients’ parents switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.†1
  • Response rate ranged from N=439 to N=482.

  • *Ordinal measure, 1–4 with 1=strongly disagree to 4=strongly agree.

  • †Ordinal measure, 1–4 with 1=very unlikely to 4=very likely.