Table 1

The applicable keywords and/or phrases under the main three themes

Theme 1Theme 2Theme 3
Health systemResilience,1 2Pandemic/PHEIC,6
Health system building blocks,3
“Service delivery” OR “Health Resource*” OR “Health workforce” OR “Health information system*” OR “Health Product*” OR Vaccine* OR Medicine* Or Diagnostic* OR “Health Financing” OR “Health Leadership” OR “Health Governance”
ANDResilien* OR Robust OR Anti-fragil* OR Adaptab* OR Transformat* OR Preserv*AND“Public Health Emergencies of International Concerns” OR “PHEIC” OR Pandemic OR Outbreak OR Epidemic OR COVID-19 OR Ebola OR H1N1 OR “Influenza Pandemic” OR Zika OR Poliomyelitis OR “Monkey pox”