Table 2

Summary of anthropometric and clinical measurements collected at baseline in the Hainan Cohort study

VariablesMeasurements (n)Equipment used
Standing heightOneSK-X80; Shuangjia, China
Body weightOneBC-6017611; Tanita, Japan
Body fat percentageOneBC-6017611; Tanita, Japan
Basal metabolic rateOneBC-6017611; Tanita, Japan
Visceral fat indexOneBC-6017611; Tanita, Japan
Waist circumferenceOneHoechstmass, China
Hip circumferenceOneHoechstmass, China
Resting blood pressureTwoHEM-7071; OMRON, Japan
Heart rateTwoHEM-7071; OMRON, Japan
Vital capacityTwoSP10; Contec, China
Lung carbon monoxide detectorTwoPICO; Philips, USA
12-lead electrocardiographyOneECG-1350C; NEC Lighting, China
Fasting plasma glucoseOne7600–110; Hitachi, Japan
Blood lipidsOne7600–110; Hitachi, Japan
Hepatic functionOne7600–110; Hitachi, Japan
Kidney functionOne7600–110; Hitachi, Japan
Blood routine (24 items)OneBC-6900; Mindray, China
Urine routineOneCOBIO SCAN XL; Kobold, Germany
Urinary albuminOneCOBIO SCAN XL; Kobold, Germany
Urine creatinineOneCOBIO SCAN XL; Kobold, Germany