Table 2

Characteristics of the interviewees in the pilot phase (n=26)

% (n)/mean [SD]Range
Age (years)*59 [18]19–87
Gender: female73 (19)
Duration of interview (min)40 [19]11–77
Satisfaction with Namaste Care†9 [1]7–10
 Netherlands38 (10)
  Family carer23 (6)
  Volunteer11 (3)
  Person with dementia‡4 (1)
 UK62 (16)
  Family carer23 (6)
  Volunteer39 (10)
  • One interview took place with two Dutch carers of the same family simultaneously, resulting in a total of 25 interviews with 26 interviewees.

  • *Age had missing values for one Dutch volunteer and one UK carer.

  • †Satisfaction score (scale: 0–10, higher is better) was missing in one of the interviews from the pilot phase.

  • ‡In one case, after consulting with the primary carer, the person with dementia was interviewed, as the person was able to participate in the interview and remembered some of the Namaste sessions.